Late Nite Host

Welcome to Late Nite Host!

This is the default landing page for Late Nite Host, the server for all (most) of Brian's projects and websites. I do not provide public hosting anymore, but I recommend Warpline Hosting for any of your hosting needs, whether it is a virtual private server, dedicated server, or managed/shared hosting. You can get more details at Warpline Hosting, including hosting plans and prices. They have some of the most competitive plans and pricing in the industry, and I have been with them for years.

Late Nite Books

Late Nite Books is my publishing company, and I have published several books under this imprint. Such titles include The Survivor Chronicles Series (The Dying Times, The War of the Dead, Prisoner and Survivor, and A World Forsaken) and the Mages of Bloodmyr (including the Circle of Sorcerers, Consuls of the Vicariate, and Immortals of Myrdwyer).

You can visit the Late Nite Books website for more details and links to purchase these titles.


ProofMicro is a new proofreading Software as a Service (SaaS) product currently under development. The concept is to break a very long text down into more manageable parts to proofread while tracking progress and changes. Once finished, you may recompile the manuscript and merge the changes into your source document or use the proofed version for formatting or distribution.

This software is expected to be released in the early part of 2020. You can visit the ProofMicro website for more details.


DiversionWorks is my game development studio website. There is or will be too much information to discuss about its products and services, so head on over to the website to learn more.

You can visit the DiversionWorks website for more.